Good morning, Kenny.

Wanted to thank you and your organization for a very strong job these past two weeks. There’s much to say, most of it very positive, but the real standout that deserves an emphatic  mention was Dani Rubin. Dani was a champ from start to finish: responsible, hyper-professional, pro-active, responsive to all our needs, with a warm smile and ready hand always. He’s really an all-around asset of major proportions‎ and we were thrilled to have him direct the show. Please extend my thanks to him again on behalf of Binyamin, Joe, Mati and the whole Tikvah crew.

I’m sure we’ll talk again soon but in the meantime, take good care and, again, my thanks.




- Mark Gottleib

Kenny, beyond our extraordinary appreciation for this, I can’t begin to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with you and your staff… the food was (not surprisingly) outstanding… Your ability to hit the ball “out of the park” for teens, little children, and adults alike, is really a tribute to your talent… the fact that you and your team do it with such professionalism, pleasantness, attention to detail, and strict adherence to kashrus, makes it simply an honor and a joy to work with you. From Donny, all the way through the wait staff – it was truly a 5-Star job (I couldn’t resist, sorry!) Thank you Thank you Thank you… may the zchus of everything you do, on all the levels, for New York NCSY and the many other organizations you work with, bring endless Bracha and Hatzlacha to you and your entire staff…

- Yehoshua Kohl Regional DirectorNew York NCSY

Thank you so much for making this {my simcha} run smoothly, seemlesly, deliciously and generally professionally and even more affordably. You are your own best advertiser.

- Benjy Kramer

Thank you so much, Kenny. Working with you truly is a pleasure and the feedback from this year’s dinner was the best yet– the food had rave reviews, the wine was a major, major hit, the dessert was also a major hit, and people loved the decor! I am really grateful, thank you!

- Shira Eisenberg RYNJ Dinner



383 Minnisink Road
Totowa, NJ 07512


Hi Deena,   I know this is a bit belated (almost a month now!) but we just wanted to thank you and your staff for organizing our wedding! Everything went so smoothly and we all had a blast! The food was a huge hit as well....especially the french fry and popcorn bars!   Thanks

— Yael and Ariel